Review Of The Top 5 Most Researched Wood Stoves

Published: 28th December 2011
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This wood stove review will list some of the top manufacturers of wood stoves and their models that are approved for the federal tax credit of 2011 and probably beyond. If you remodel your home or add a wood stove to your new home, there are some very efficient wood stoves on the market.

The tax credit originally was for 2009-10 but so many people requested an extension on the tax credit that the government extended the credit through this year and maybe 2012. Stay tuned for more information.

For our wood stove review we will focus on these manufacturers:

Blaze King

Blaze King has been around for as long as I can remember. If people living in Alaska like this wood stove what does that tell you? Blaze King has two models that meet federal requirements for a tax credit.

The princess 1006 comes in three different models (Parlor, Ultra or Classic).

The classic has been around since 1977 but don't let that fool you. It has been engineered during this time to reach an 82.5% efficiency rating. The emissions are a low 2.42 grams per hour

You can either purchase this wood burning stove in either a catalytic stove or a non catalytic wood stove. They all burn up to 40,000 Btu's - translated - the ability to heat 1500+ square feet. The 2.8 cu. ft box capacity allows for a 20 hour burn time.

The KEJ 1107 has the same ratings but the big difference is almost twice the size in the fire box. This larger firebox allows the KEJ to have burn times up to 40 hours. That means it will almost burn for two days without loading again.

Jotul and wood stoves are synonymous. In business since 1853 you can see why they are the world's oldest manufacturer of wood stoves. They have sold more wood stoves than anyone else ad their expertise is unmatched. Norway is where the company was founded but now you'll find Jotuul all over the world.

Here is a lost of all the Jotul wood stoves that qualify for a tax credit:

Jotul F 100, F 118, F 602, F 3 CB, F 400, F 500, F 600, 350, C 450, and C 550. Jøtul will provide a certification statement on all qualified stoves for taxpayers to use as proof of the stove's qualification for the tax credit.

Because they have so many here is one thing you should consider:

The Jøtul F 602 CB is the best-selling woodstove ever produced. It is also the smallest woodstove on the market. It is Alcove approve for the US and Canada as well as the lowest priced EPA Cast-Iron wood stove on the market.

Hearthstone wood stoves are designed to be "easy to clean" and offer features you can't find on other wood stoves. Hearthstone stoves offer exclusive designs and many of the stoves are made out of soapstone rather than metal. One of the key benefits of Soapstone is the ability to absorb heat and radiate it for hours after your fire burns out.

For those of you who prefer a cast iron wood stove Hearthstone also offers them. Following is the list of the 12 Hearthstone wood stoves that qualify for the tax credit.

Bari Wood, Bennington, Craftsbury, Equinox, Clydesdale, Heritage, Homestead, Mansfield, Morgan, Phoenix, Shelburne, and Tribute

Hearthstone Equinox is a soapstone workhorse. Not only does it look great it can heat a barn. Well, not actually but it can produce 120,000 BTU's or 3,500 sq ft. Burn times are around 12 hours and it will continue to heat for another 4 hours. It is rated at burning 78% efficiency and only 3.0 gm/hr of emissions. Maximum log lengths is 25 inches inside a 4.0 cubic ft firebox.

A lot of people still search for both the Franklin and Fisher wood stoves. Neither is manufacturered anymore and both of them do not meet federal requirements for a tax credit. These stoves are mentioned here so you add this to your research inventory.

Vogelzang offers 5 different wood stove models that qualify for the tax credit. Performer, Highlander, Shiloh, Durango and Defender. The prices are between $1099 and 1299. For the price these stoves are affordable options to electric heat and other wood stoves. What really caught my attention is the warranty that Vogelzang offers.

These stoves are made of steel and offer many options that you will need to add as money allows.

The Defender is a plate steel wood burning stove that can heat a 1200 sq. ft home. It meets EPA standards even in Washington State who is known to have stringent air quality standards. It's rated at 4.21 grams/hour.

What caught our attention with the Defender is the BTU rating of 28,337. That's enormous for such a small stove. It can handle 18 inch logs and the burn time of 8 hours on low settings. It is rate at over 75% efficiency.

We know this is not all the wood stoves on the market but if we keep adding more stoves this wood stoves review could be longer than a thesis. A really good site for you to bookmark is wood stoves guide. They review a lot of stoves, offer prices and give you links directly to the manufacturers website.

A lot of people always ask us who makes the best wood stoves. This page how to pick the best wood stoves will give you enough information to find the stove that meets your needs. Don't forget to read about the fire we had in our home.

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