Practical Guide to Interior Door Handles

Published: 09th December 2011
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Interior door handles come in all different kinds of shapes and styles. Walk into any reputable store and you will find an assortment of styles on display. If you were sent by your contractor to purchase door knobs for your home we have a ton of great ideas for you.

Depending on how many doors you have in your home you can instantly change the appearance of your home by simply changing your interior door handles. For less than $200 you could remodel your home by simply using a different pattern or color of interior door handles.

Replacement door handles in your home would include: bathrooms, bedrooms, utility rooms, sliding glass doors, and closets. These handles are almost always the same style and color. Entry or front door handles on the other hand can be as unique as you'd like because the outside lock/handle can be very elaborate and the indoor handles will not be nearly as elaborate. Another option that a lot of people forget about are the decorative side plates. Decorative side plates can draw a lot of attention to themselves and they always enhance to look and feel of your home. Another option for those who want the old Victorian look should review: Glass Door Knobs

Manufacturers of Interior Door Handles

When it comes to interior door handles the two most recognizable names are Kwickset and Shlage in our area. However there is a whole lot more like Baldwin and Codelocks, Weslock, Weiser and Omnia. We have used both Kwickset and Shlage handles and have had no problems with either.

We have been fortunate in the respect that we have never had to replace an interior door handle in our home or rentals. We do replace our exterior door handles in our rentals after each occupant leaves for safety reasons, but we have not had to replace them because of failure. The knobs we are replacing are the front entry handles or knob, back entry handles or knobs and entry doors to the garage if that rental has one. We do not need to worry about right hinge or left, the knobs work either way.

From time to time your interior door handles will wear out, so make sure you have the ability to replace the same style and color handles. If you are not able to accomplish that then try to take the odd interior door handle and put it in a room that is not close to the other knobs in the house.

Styles of Interior Door Handles

Probably one of the first things you will do when selecting interior door handles products is determine what color you like or want to match. The main interior door handles colors you will find are: bronze, sliver, gold, antique brass, brushed nickel. The styles or types of door hardware can range from round knobs, to octagonal, to square, to lever or some variation. Lever handles do have their advantages but sometimes they don't go with the entire feel of the home. We have round indoor door handles in our home but our french door is a lever locking type interior door handles. Because the door is white and same with the door handle it really isn't that noticble, especially since the closest door knob is in another room. Trying to match existing door handles could be tough depending on how old your door knobs are.

The most common dia.: 2-9/16 2.56: 0 is very standard. Sometimes it's of great importance to measure the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the hole.Styles or types of door hardware are easy to find if you have a model number or name that you found on a review site. I wouldn't worry about the distance from the edge unless you have a custom built door. Most interior doors are standard hole punch to meet the needs of the industry.

Pocket doors and pocket door hardware is something we are not familiar with because we don't have any in our homes. The ones we have worked on in other homes we have just purchased specific pocket door hardware that was recommended by the manufacturer. With pocket doors you don't have to worry about "center to center"

I will be honest and tell you that heading to a hardware store that has a zillion different kinds of interior door handles can be intimidating. However, soon after you pick the color to best match the design on your home picking your door knobs shapes or styles will be easier to pick. I know the biggest factor in selecting between round, square, or lever type knobs will be the price. Cheaper is not always better when it comes to interior door handles.

They say pictures say a thousand words. Take a look at some of the Interior Door Knobs we found just for you. And don't forget you will probably need to pick Patio Door Handles.

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